USG-United Scientific Group is a Nonprofit [501(C)3] Scientific Organization

USG-United Scientific Group is a nonprofit scientific organization with tax-exempt status under Section of Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) of the United States of America. USG is eligible to collaborate with all government, non-government (NGOs,) non-profit academic institutions and funding agencies, which will help and expand upon a vision to bridge the gap between science and business for the translation of scientific discoveries and innovative thoughts into implementable solutions and products which benefit the humankind.

Since its formation in September 2014 by Prof. Kenneth Blum along with a group of senior scientists with similar ideologies, diverse backgrounds, and professional experience, USG has been providing a platform to share the latest research, ideas, and breakthroughs, and to discuss innovative research finding in different USG conferences

To help guide the organization and ensure fulfillment of its mission, an association of United Scientific Group Editor: “Editors Association” was established in 2014. The association annual meetings with all the members in 2015, 2016 and 2017 were held in San Francisco, Baltimore, and San Francisco, USA.

The absence of a significant financial interest and strong adherence to ethical standards has helped us to achieve goals through successful collaboration with Duke University, NC, USA; Institute of Immunology of Colombia (FIDIC) s Foundation, Colombia; Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas y Ambientales (U.D.C.A); University of Rosario, Colombia; and University of Dundee, Scotland.

USG-United Scientific Group has received 501©3 nonprofit status by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of United States of America (USA) with USG performance, professionalism, and ethical conduct from our initiated scientific events which are helping scientific community and creating a platform for academic and business collaborations between different scientific organizations. We are thankful to our Board of Directors (BOD) who is formerly the Editor’s Association of USG (USGEA) for their continuous support and guidance.

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