United Scientific Group Announces Groundbreaking Lineup of Keynote and Featured Speakers for Vaccines Research & Development Conference

United Scientific Group is pleased to announce the groundbreaking lineup of keynote and featured speakers for Vaccines Research & Development Conference taking place during November 2-4, 2015 at DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore-BWI Airport (Vaccines R&D-2015).

We are delighted to welcome the world’s leading innovators together with hundreds of experts to discuss the latest technology transfer models, preclinical research and scale up of vaccines production; identify the challenges in regulatory phase; and present their insights for the future of immunization.

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo developed the first chemically synthesized vaccine against malaria by 1987 that after a large series of human trials in different parts of the world provided 30-40% protective efficacy. He was awarded the Robert Koch and Prince of Asturias Prizes in 1994.

Jay A Berzofsky, National Cancer Institute, USA, Chief of the Vaccine Branch, CCR, NCI, former president of the American Society for Clinical Investigation and former Chair of the Medical Sciences Section of AAAS, who won the NIH Director’s Award and NCI Merit Award in 2008 and a Merit Award in 2011.

Robert W Malone, RW Malone MD, LLC, USA, an internationally recognized scientist and best known as one of the original inventors of “DNA Vaccination”.

Myron M. Levine, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. In 1998 he received Albert B. Sabin Gold Medal Award for lifetime achievement in the area of vaccine development and implementation.

Norman W. Baylor, Biologics Consulting Group, Inc., USA, is the former Director of the US FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research and Review. In addition to providing and overseeing strategic regulatory consulting at Biologics, he also serves as an expert advisor to the WHO.

These are the keynote speakers among more than hundred high profile speakers from both academia and industry who will address the Vaccines R&D-2015 conference. For more details, PS:

Vaccines R&D-2015 will be an unprecedented gathering of the world’s most influential and creative thought leaders from universities, industry, government laboratories and agencies, not-for-profit organization laboratories in the field of vaccines who will share their experience and expertise on a wide range of panel topics including basic vaccinology, influenza vaccines/virus, Ebola outbreak, vaccines discovery, development & formulation, novel vaccines, new vaccine adjuvants, clinical trials, emerging infectious diseases, passive vaccines-therapeutic antibodies against infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS vaccines, immunoinformatics, cancer vaccines, HPV vaccines, and therapeutic vaccination for auto immune diseases.

The highlight at the Vaccines R&D-2015 would be the CEO-CSOs conclave meeting emphasizing more on the development and finding a solution for a common cause which is crucial to be on top of the scientific developments that are changing the industry.

The lead sponsors for the Vaccines R&D-2015 are Sanofi Pasteur, InDevR, Cellular Technology Limited and AERAS. The conference provides exciting opportunity to showcase the new technologies, the new products of the vaccine development companies and the service of the industry to the global audience. To register or learn more about the conference please visit: http://unitedscientificgroup.com/conferences/vaccines/

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